The born puppies are all healthy, friendly and gorgeous. We like to meet them very much, either privately or in the dog shows, where we keep our fingers crossed for them.

According to our information, some of the puppies are active in canistherapy/as a canine assistance dogs, sheepherding or general obedience exams. We wish them to have awesome owners to whom they are to be great companions and friends.

16. 06. 2013
kennel: Leneli
dam:Adjara Bela Leneli
11 children

Galenit Leneli (Leny)
Graffiti Leneli
Guliver Leneli (Argo)
Gentleman Leneli (Gant)
GinTonic Leneli (Gin)
Giro Leneli
Gumble Barney Leneli (Barney)
Guru Leneli
Galaxie Leneli (Rozárka)
Graffias Leneli (Fí)
Grácie Leneli (Grejsí)

  • Galenit Leneli (Leny)
    Leny is handsome and very clever boy

  • Graffiti Leneli
    our marble little boy
  • Guliver Leneli (Argo)
    Argo turned into a dandy
  • Gentleman Leneli (Gant)
    amazing boy, loves her family and the most children
  • GinTonic Leneli (Gin)
    Giník is show successful, perfect color and very friendly boy
  • Giro Leneli
    Giro has become a handsome young boy, his new family is very happy with him
  • Gumble Barney Leneli (Barney)
    Barney is very beautiful and succesful little boy
  • Guru Leneli
    Guru is lovely boy, dependent on her owner, show successful
  • Galaxie Leneli (Rozárka)
    Pretty girl, for dog shows very promising.
  • Graffias Leneli (Fí)
    Fí is a pretty little girl, she is very activ, she do agility and canicross with her owner and they are excellent at it, they try canistherapy too.
  • Grácie Leneli (Grejsí)
    Grejsí because of her new family is still busy, she is good at canistherapy and is a small star in exhibitions these days

Visiting his Progeny

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